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[ ] 21.02.2011, 08:59

I have no tears,

No sense of shame no sense of time

I taste your blood,

Don't stop my lust

Don't blame me now,

My sins they are my only crimes

I rise from dusk and by dawn I die.

Not your love

Not your soul

Not your rules

And self control

It's my pleasure..My desire

I want your blood tonight... tonight

Blut, Blood, Sangre, SANGUE!

Cause the life is short,

In an empty room my mortal game

I denied the laws of light..

Cause you made your choice

In this silent place you can't escape

I hold you... in this embrace.

Inside your fears

No more redemption no more time

I lay you down don't stop me now

No heaven here

Your senses are under my will

I bring you down and you will die.

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