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[ ] 21.02.2011, 09:34

My curse...

I'm the crone Goddess

in my dreadful skin

I'm the one and the three

with a mortal faith

I'm Medousa.

I'm the Gorgon

carved in the temple of Didyma

I'm the Mistress

of the West Gate of Death

I'm the guardian

of the underworld of deads

I'm the mistress

of cold twilight and all beasts.

From the right vein

I give back the life again

And from my left side

I will give you death and pain.

Call me daughter, sister, queen or even God

With my silent sight

I turn to stone the human flesh

Framed by... 

Light and snake... 

It's not the venom... 

But the glare... 

Stop the blood...

In your veins... 

There is the silence...

In my marble reign...

Rising from the ghastly fog

When the daylight has gone

You can call my name

And I will come...

I'm Medousa.

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