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[ ] 21.02.2011, 08:55

Her black shadow at the foot of your bed. 

Her pure white dress you can feel her on your breast.

You can't stop her in the coils of her sweet spell. 

You can feel her she's so close to your heart.

Every night after tolling of last bell

Silent coming languid, graceful into a trance.

You can't stop her, no, you can't talk, can't escape.

No more whispers, no more sorrow no more pain.

Carmilla, comes to me. 

Mircalla, I want you. 

Carmilla, she comes to you. 

Mircalla, I want your screams.

Now I see you at the foot of my bed. 

Your pure white dress is a one great scarlet stain,

I can't stop you in the coils of your sweet spell. 

I can feel you, you're so close to my heart.

She comes to bring the sorrow.

She is like a cold embrace. 

She murmurs words of madness.

She comes to bring the death.

"You are mine, you shall be mine "

She says.. "love will have its sacrifices.." 

"There's a coldness beyond her years,

In her smiling endless melancholy,

The refusal to afford you the least ray of light".

You see her under the moon shadow, 

Standing near the feet of your bed,

 In her lacy white dress

Bathed, from her chin to her feet,

In one great scarlet stain.

She says again...

"there's no sacrifice without blood"


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